Leaded Glass WINDOWS


The photo gallery (below) represents a small sampling of commissioned leaded glass window works created by Stelz Studios.  As you view each photo please understand that the true colors and beauty of the glass works cannot be fully captured on film, no less downloaded to your computer screen.




These close-up photos display the fine detail, quality and artistry that goes into each piece created by Stelz Studios.

The ability to produce his own glass allows Stelz the freedom to create fine works in glass true to his designs and watercolor renderings.


The glass, being perhaps the most important element in any leaded window, is handmade in our studio and is present in some of the works pictured here. Larger glass sheets are also custom made for Stelz at other glass facilities.  You will see a traditional 19th century American School/Tiffany style influence in the works created by Stelz Studios.  However, the designs are truly original to Steven Stelz, they are not copies or reproductions.



Photo Gallery


All of our window commissions are custom made to order.

We do not maintain an inventory of completed windows or lighting fixtures for sale.


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