Since the establishment of Stelz Studios in 1980, Steven Stelz has been dedicated to producing beautiful works of art using fine opalescent glasses.  Stelz specializes in creating leaded glass windows, lighting fixtures, ceilings and folding screens, Pate de Verre lamps and windows and decorative glass mosaic plaques for secular and ecclesiastical settings.  


The results of his extensive study and enduring experiments with glass reflect the style, sophistication and extraordinary quality found in the old glass masterworks of the late 19th century American glass artists.  


Stelz’s goal is to follow in the tradtion of 

the American School of Glass techniques.


Louis Tiffany, John LaFarge, Fredrick Lamb, Maitland Armstrong and other 19th century American glass artists comprised a movement known as the American School of Glass.  The American School techniques and the glass itself differs greatly from earlier leaded glass works of the US and Europe.  Earlier windows relied heavily on the use of paint to create their windows.  Whereas, the American School techniques incorporate hand cast opalescent glass into the work.  Color, tone and detail are expressed using the color and variegations found within the glass itself, while the application of paint is strictly limited to figural elements such as faces and hands.

© Stelz Studios Hand casting (rolling) hot opalescent glass into sheets at the studio for use in our leaded glass windows, lamps and mosaics. Metallic oxides and glass frits are added to the molten glass to create the desired colors.
photo courtesy of Steven Mays Steven Stelz maintains a very large library of art glass for use in his works.

Stelz Studios maintains a very large library of fine, 

handmade, opalescent and catherdral glasses to be 

used in his work.  Some of the larger glass sheets are 

custom made for Stelz at other glass facilities.


Hand cast opalescent glass was an American innovation, and is once again made in the traditional way at the Stelz Studios. The ability to create his own glass allows Steven Stelz the freedom necessary to create his leaded glass works of extraordinary artistic quality, while not relying on commercially produced glasses.

© Stelz Studios Leading a plated window using specially made lead cames to accommodate multiple layers of glass.


Long forgotten traditional glass working techniques, pioneered by Tiffany and LaFarge and later abandoned by contemporary craftsmen, are once again employed by our studios. One technique known as plating, (a multi-layering of glass used to manipulate color tone and create the illusion of depth) is effectively used in our windows.  Acid etching techniques, enameling, and other traditional glass treatments are also used as they were 100 years ago.


Stelz’s windows are custom designed for each client, and are not reproduced.  Our leaded glass lampshades are supported by finely cast bronze fixtures, and can be custom designed or selected from a variety of styles available.

© Stelz Studios The first step in producing a window, lamp or mosaic is creating an original design called a rendering. This rendering is a watercolor painting which the client approves before any other work is begun.
© Stelz Studios A full size drawing based on the watercolor rendering, called a "Cartoon", will be used as a pattern for cutting the glass sections.


Whatever the work, a creation by Stelz Studios is a timeless work of decorative art, to be enjoyed today and by 

future generations.  Please visit our photo galleries for more insight into our accomplishments in glass 

and perhaps some inspiration for your interior decorating endeavors.

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